Why do I forgive him so easily?

We've been seeing each other for 10 days, and he treats me like crap. We spend more time arguing than having fun. He flirts and kisses girls in front of me, but when I talk to a guy he ignores me for 3 days. He stood me up once, he asked me to go to a club with him, I waited there for 3 hours, and he never showed up. He never apologizes. Everytime I tell myself that I should end things, but when I see him, I forget about everything. I feel that he has so much power over me, but I don't know what to do. I'm a person who has too much pride (usually), but when I'm with him, I lose all self-respect. I don't know what should I do? Please help...


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  • You just answered the question " you have no self respect " every time you forgave him you gave him more power and control over you, because he knows he can do anything and you would come
    back. And things will only get worse, never better, trust me on that. Don't be surprise if he becomes violent with you because he will.


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  • Well, if you are not like that as a person than I think you feel vulnerable towards him, that's a gift he doesn't realize. I think you like him too much (like a friend), you have too much of respect for him, despite him treating you like this. He doesn't realize what he is missing, if I had such a woman I would treat her like a queen and not the way he treats you. I am sorry, you are going through this. I hope you are okay.


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  • you should leave him.