Why is it so hard to get over her?

I met this girl a couple months back and it seemed like we were headed toward a relationship but some complicated things happen (not between us) but then we because friends! We still text everyday though! But it's been really hard to get over her because of all the stuff I did that I never have in my life before like my first kids, first date and first hand holding/cuddling... But anyways I feel like I need to get over her even though I still really like her and have big feelings for her!! But yeah how do I get over her or what do I do!


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  • just give it time.

    • Oks! I just wish it would be easy ( especially since we were never bf/gf

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  • Because you love (d) her! :D

    • Really? I kinda felt like I did even though I only got to see her a total of what like 7 days! But yeah I guess that could be true if I can't get over her, she dosent even know I'm struggling this much either