What to do when an ex misses you?

So my boyfriend and I broke up about two weeks ago. He called me two nights ago saying that he misses me but is confused about his feelings towards me. He asked if I wanted to start hanging out and maybe see where things go, I'm really open for it because I still have feelings for him & still love him however , would it be a bad idea to hang out with him since he's confused about what he wants & the feelings he has for me?


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  • No, not necessarily. He's confused because he doesn't know if he should cut you off entirely and terminate any relationship with you, or actually try to build a friendship with you.
    Guys find this hard because we design a fine line. On one side are girls we want to date, and on the other side are girls we can 'just be friends' with. Sometimes we move girls from one side to the other, but vice versa can be harder.
    Sometimes it is just easier to sever ties and end things completely than to try and move that girl from one side to the other.


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  • Two weeks isn't that long. He should figure out his feelings before trying to hang out with you.

    • So I should deny his offer to hang out?

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    • I'm not looking for comfort I've accepted the fact we probably won't get back together , I do genuinely care for him but I don't know maybe if we do hang out he'll maybe realize he fudge up or something

    • But that's just wishful thinking I guess

  • You give them a handshake and pat on the back! :D

  • Jajaja moving on lol


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