Why hasn't he texted back? should I just forget about him?

he drove for an hour to see me.. we went for a ride on Thursday night.

i asked what he wants cos he started kissing me & ..( cos I don't just want sex.. I want more than that)

he said he doesn't know.. he wants to get to know me then decide.

i haven't heard from him since Thursday night.. so I texted him on Tuesday at 9pm..

;hey you, haven't heard from you in a couple of days hope ur OK:)

he hasn't texted back still.

am 19, 20 next week & he's 24

omg just rang him on private(I was worried) to see if he's alive & not had any accident that night, he answered but sounded so down & upset:( & I hung up..:(


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  • well first of all you clearly are obsessing over him...he didn't call you for a reason. And you know what that reason is! You can tell he's only wanting one thing becuase he wanted to get to know you and then decide?! wtf is that?

    That should have been the sign that he's a loser...and why are you waiting by the phone in general. That'sjust sad.


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  • I think he was being truthful when he said he wanted to get to know you better. If he was feeling depressed he probably didn't want to talk to anyone, which might explain the lack of texts.

    I'd give him time, if he wants to see you again, he will call.

    On the other hand, he might be a shallow guy who just says things like that to get sex. I'm sorry, if he is.

  • hes probly tryin not to look desperate. no in fact I KNOW he's tryin not to look desperate. he wants you to go after him. you should leave him a message that says you want to go out somewhere. (the message you left sounds like a girl that rejected a guy but doesn't want to hurt his feelings.) main point. MAKE SURE HE KNOWS THAT YOU WANT HIM TOO.

  • he's probably sad aye? give it some time and let him have space you know. =]


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  • Basically if he wanted to talk to you, he would. Even if he IS waiting for you to text him, eventually he would suck it up and text you...sooo just forget about him and live your life. Maybe you'll get a text maybe you wont..my BOYFRIEND is currently doing this to me.

  • dont trip! don't chase em replace em

    he drove an hour and was probably disappointed he didn't get any ass. that is just the way it happens sometimes. there will be other guys don't get hung up over this one