Would it matter in a relationship that much if i'm a 23 year old virgin? What can I do to make up for that disadvantage? Is being nice enough?


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  • You don't have to make up for shit, pardon my Francais.

    It isn't a disadvantage either, it just means you aren't sexually active. It's something you work on when you feel comfortable. You don't have to make up for it and trust me, just "being nice" won't automatically fix the issue that'll be a woman's hesitance, especially if she has had partners herself. What will help is being open about it: let her know you're a virgin and you're willing to explore your sexuality with her and be open, at a pace that is comfortable for you both. That's it.


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  • Not at all. If the girl truly likes you, you'll be totally fine. She'll know you're not a player (which is a good thing!) and may even feel honored to possibly be your first. Definitely tell her at some point, though.

    Being kind and respectful is always appreciated, as is confidence, a sense of humor, and a playful/fun attitude. Try not to feel hindered at all by your virgin-status. It's really not a big deal.

    • Okay thanks for your kind words. A few guys i know tell me that it would matter but i guess most girls don't care.

  • Who says it's disadvantage? I see nothing wrong with a 23 year old virgin. You be you and the right girl will come along.

    • Yeah i guess your right.

  • If you find the right girl she won't give a rats left fourth tit.


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