Getting a girl to go on a date after chatting online?

Been chatting to a girl online for a few weeks. We really clicked and she said she likes me. Should also mention she contacted me first. So I've suggested once or twice (not over the top) that we should go out. She seemed keen but won't commit to anything. Whats the deal with that? Any suggestions?


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  • i dunno man. 90% of the time the girls are asking me when im gonna take them out. sounds like she's just not that into it. when a girl is into going out with she will make it very very obvious

    • It's a bit weird, when we chat we both have a ton of fun messing around. Some girls just seem to take ages deciding if they want to go out. I'm not the best looking guy out there, but she's not massively good looking either, maybe she's just having some fun chatting?

    • dude girls have an exponentially higher rate of messages then guys get. I've hooked up with girls from tinder and when i saw their phone i couldnt believe how many messages they had. literally hundreds upon hundreds every other day. women have the luxory of being extremely selective on dating sites so you really need to be above the competetion in just about every way to get a chance. remember, the girl your talking to now is a couple clicks away from a guy who is willing and ready to bend over backwards just to do her favors.


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  • What do you mean by "won't commit to anything"?

    • When I ask if she wants to do something together she says it would be good but won't actually say when she's free. A bit hard to organise a date when the other person isn't making time free.

    • Are you sure she is interested?

    • Yep, she said she likes me, and she still messages me so I figure there's something there

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  • you asked twice. that's it. do not ask again. if she chats, say, 'so i suppose you want to get together'? if she is evasive again, cut it short. say you have to go because another friend wants to talk. some women just like the attention, even though they have a boyfriend or a crush on someone else they are more interested in. if you have time to waste, then she'll probably take all of it.