Would you ever tell a guy u left him for someone else?

She insulted me said hurtful things to me but did say she can't even look at another guy.. if she was willing to hurt me with other stuff why wouldn't she just say yeah I'm over you. Is it normal for girks to act distant and push themselves away before a breakup? That was my first instinct I asked and she said fuck you.


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  • I think everyone behaves that way who wants out, not just girls. They want the other person to resent them and do the dirty work for them.

    • No this was after the breakup. If anything I was the hurtful one during. nit was toxic. She was also choosing me over ever talking to her mom again and a free college ride. Was going tI move with me to a new city.. and she didn't know if I cared about her enough

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    • Do you think she was prly torn or she was just seeing someone else.

    • I think I don't know her.


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  • I would never straight up tell him but I'd hint to it. Tell him I'm not feeling it anymore, there's no connection, etc.

    • She said the distance drove us apart. Is that a hint.

    • Not quite, it's pretty indirect so maybe it's simply that.

  • no i wouldn't.


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  • I would rather know so that it'll hurt less