Do you think it's shallow if someone turns you down because you're short?

I've matched a few people on Tinder who asked how tall I was and I said 5''5..
They said: ''You're too short for me, nope.'' Note: All of these girls were shorter than me..

I think it's stupid how it's looked down upon as nothing.
If I was asked out by a girl and I said ''Sorry, don't mean to be mean; but you're too 'big' for me''
I'd be considered shallow and she'd get annoyed. (this happened while I was with a friend).. I felt bad for her.

I just think it's a bit shallow in my honest opinion.. We're talking about physical appearance, after all.
They both come under the same category.

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  • Ya knooow I'm split!
    I mean it's definitely shallow, right, I mean I don't think that's up for debate.
    Buuuut I don't see a problem with some shallowness.
    I guess, in my oppinion anyway, we shouldn't judge someone for having standards. I mean why settle you know?
    If you're looking for a relationship pick soneobe you're legitimately attracted to. I mean be willing to compromise on some traits, but don't settle for less then you're comfortable with. I guess if a certain trait is a deal breaker then that's that.
    I mean if you want a person with a bomb personallity who you're not attracted to, that's kinda what friends are for feel meh?
    Lol that said, I think height is a ridiculous issue to hold over someone's head. (I swear that wasn't intentional but I love that I said that).
    I feel that it's too based on how others will perceive the couple rather then on how they see the person.
    Also Tinder is a hookup site, try PoF I hear that's more relationshipy

    • I can see where you're coming from.. Sadly.. we can't have our partner pre made.
      Perfection simply does not exist. Everyone and everything is flawed.
      I agree, one or two things should be set aside.. ^ That explains why.
      It was unfortunate that that thing was my height.

      I'll give it a try. I gave hot or not a try it was poop. You have to pay to see see who voted you hot. So frickin' stupid lmao. xD

    • Gotta keep on trying :) I wouldn't worry too much about the whole thing.
      I will warn you most dating sites bring out the shallowness in people.

    • Yeah, no doubt, ahaha. They can say whatever they like with no problems.
      Yup, ahaha. Soldier on through! Thanks! ☺


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What Girls Said 11

  • I'm sorry to hear that, but like tall girls (ehem.. me), short men always get the short end of the stick when it comes to finding a partner - I can't really explain why short women prefer taller men and vice versa but that's just the way it is - of course it hurts when you're told you're either too tall or too short and people can be pretty damn insensitive when doing so but it's only a preference in the end.

  • Do you turn down girls for being unattractive, for being stupid, for being smarter than you taller than you, a certain race, or whatever reason... I know you have one.

    Yes it seems stupid to you and yes it'sa bit shallow but we each have our own standards/preferences.

    • Beauty is of the beholder.. My standards aren't high; if they were I'd never have a girlfriend. Depends how stupid if we're talking like really dumb then no. That's pretty un-common. Smarter girls? I love them.. I find intellect the most attractive trait a girl can possess. Taller, well. They'd probably turn me down. xD A few inches is fine. Races.. I like most, but not all.

      I understand the preferences.. Thanks for commenting! c:

  • Its preference so I won't call it shallow.
    Most girls dont want to be taller than their guy if they wear heels and/or some are really stuck on height for whatever reason

    But I wouldn't turn you down b0ss ;0; ❀ you'll find someone soon enough

    And besides Tinder blows for most people xD its a jokkee

    • I don't know tbh.. Seems a tad shallow to me.
      Thank you, ahaha! Means a lot! :') I'll keep searching this crappy Island from top to bottom until I find her! xD
      True, these girls seemed intend on finding a boyfriend on there. People use it for various things, mainly hook-ups tho.

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    • Looks like I'm a rarity then... Pahaha. :')

    • Yess you are xD

  • Yes, it is...

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this, thank you!
      I hurt when they said that as well. I was like.. wow.

      The same thing happened to my best mate. He's about 5''7.. She asked how tall he was, then she said
      ''I don't date people below 6'.'' Then he said ''I don't date shallow cunts'' And she had the audacity to call him rude and a dick.. Umm, what? You're the one turned down a guy because he's not 6'. In the reality I wish her luck in relationships if she's as blunt as that to people.

  • Yes they are very shallow and it's sad that they would allow such a small thing ruin an opportunity of meeting some one amazing but don't worry because I know you will meet a girl worthy of your time !, I can relate where your coming from considering I'm 3'3 and in a wheelchair

  • Shallow, preference, same thing.

  • It's shallow, yes.

  • it's shallow and if you want me to be honest your real cute

    • I get cute a fair bit, ahaha. Never hot or something like that. xD
      Thank you! And I agree!

  • she was being shallow and rude, i have been made fun of for my height before and it sucks.

    • There's being made fun of and then there's being shallow 😧 It does suck, though most of the fun making is banter in my case.

    • yeah i know but the making fun of comes from a shallow person so yeah and it is banter in my case tooπŸ˜‚i really don't know what i'm talking about sorry😞

    • It's okay, ahahah. No need to apologize :')

  • To be honest, I've turned down a few guys on online dating sites cuz they were short... but also cuz they were not as attractive as they looked in their photos. Nice enough, but usually ended up being boring.

  • It's hard out there for a short man.


What Guys Said 6

  • Sorta, but you need to respect them for what they like or don't like. Being physically attracted to you partner is important for the success of a relationship. Ask yourself, would you rather everyone say yes to you to avoid being shallow, but they are only into you 80%, or wait for someone special who loves you 100%?

  • I have a friend who is 5'6 and he is actually good-looking and a bright guy. His girlfriend is shorter than him, like 5'3 I think.
    At 6'4 (currently ^^), I wouldn't date a girl below 5'7. (I would not be looking for it)
    I get the "too big" rejection.

    But you're not ugly at all (no homo ^^) You have a chance for sure.

    • Cheers dude.. I'd glady have some of your height πŸ˜‚ Make a few inches taller lmao. That's interesting though :')

    • I'd give you two, I miss being 6 foot 2. Hey that rhymes ;D

    • That'd be great, ahaha πŸ˜‚

  • It's shallow, but dating is shallow. I prefer people to be shallow but honest. I don't want to be stuck with a person who secretly dislikes the way I look.

    You have so many other things going for you, so I would just move forwards and forget those people.

  • I would consider that shallow

  • I've had the same thing on Tinder. I had a match I was talking to and we pretty much hit it off. Then I decided to do a little experiment to see if adding my height to my profile would decrease the amount of matches I got. It did, first of all. Second, that girl I was talking to just started completely ignoring me, from one day to another. Great fun.

    • I feel you, brother. How tall are you dude?
      I had them ignore me too. πŸ˜•

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    • Thanks dude! ☺

    • Lol just goes to show: it also matters what mating "market" you operate in. I've been thinking I should leave Copenhagen because people in cities like that are insanely beautiful, cool and successful, and the competition is just too severe.

  • Girls are shallow. Film at 11.