Am I handling this situation wrong?

So I just moved states and I am doing a lot better here. I'm happier, I like my job much more, I'm slowly making new friends and new memories, I'm learning a lot about being happy on my own. I'm also making more money and I'm going to college soon. When I left home I was torn up and left my number for a bunch of people and said to keep in touch and I left. I've been texting a small handful of people everyday even if it's just happy brithday, a funny picture to make them happy, or sometimes I'll have a convo. I send them postcards and packages and I try my best to keep in touch because truly it makes me happy. One of the people I keep in touch with is my old boss who is 33 and has a girlfriend and a child. anyways I don't view it as weird because I have a life but when I get bored I'll text people or call my family or use social media and talk to them. We're definitely hanging out if i go back home but should I stop texting them as much? They obviously have their own lives to live and I have mine. I feel like I've done more than enough to show them that I care and value them. I kinda just want to text them every couple of months now and it feels weird but I think I'm ready to move on, make new friends, etc. I still am here for them but the distance kills


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  • i dont think you are.

    • Well how can I handle it better?

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