Help me please. I need help with a conversation?

During a conversation with the guy that kind of turned out to be a discussion about our future he opened up about some personal stuff like the aftermath of a bad relationship. He also told me he's getting emotionally involved with me and he's been going through various scenarios of our future in his head from us breaking up and staying friends and getting back together to me moving to his home country with him.

We are both living overseas at the minute and stuff is getting to the line about decisions/plans.

How much should I take this conversation for truth and how much should I take with a pinch of salt?


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  • huh... didn't get it... did u have a "thing" wid this guy before?


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  • Don't put too much thought into it. Some people have a tendency to make lifelong plans, only to see them fall apart. People change throughout relationships and plans change as well.