He ask for second date but never text me again?

So i met this guy for the first date from tinder. everything seems normal, we spent good time, there were no silence awkward moment. and the conversation goes smoothly. then i went back home, I didn't text him anything till the 2nd day after dating. he asked me if i wanna meet up again. i said sure. but after that he never text me or plan any 2nd date for us. Is he just being polite when he asked if i wanna meet up again or what? Its been a week since the first date.


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  • Okay, if he wasn't interested there is no point in asking if you want to hang out again. So my point here is, why wait for him? Maybe casually lay out that you're going to this thing then and then, and if he is free to come along. It doesn't always have to be the guy that organizes hang outs and dates you know.. Good luck with your guy :)


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  • I am not going to say that he won't Call on you again, but it could be too he won't 'Text' you again until he wants to make plans for this '2nd date' in hand.
    Some guys are like this. It's a way for no strings attached, no obligation in between, and as cruel as it seems, they put you on their pay no mind list Until it's convenient for them to push a button on their end To... Wanna meet up again.
    Good luck. xx

    • so do you think i should text him first? or just leave it?

    • No harm in sending a text of "Hi" to see how he is.. let him then reply and see where it goes next with this guy. xx

  • Leave it. Dont wait for his message and you carry on with your life. If he wanted to meet you, he will text you.