Do the guy or girl you like and met at some point not so long ago?

when you were dating, especially when you had your first date he or she asked you this question: Why did you want to go out with me? Is that a odd question or it is normal? or why he or she asked that?


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  • My SO and I have been highschool friends

    • Misread the question again... yeah that's a bit odd; he doesn't see what you see in him

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    • Yeah something like that

    • Mmm interesting that is what happened to me not so long ago. I met this guy alm sot 3 mos ago during a family trip, we got along well at that time. Our first date was only 3 weeks ago and even if we arranged in previous week that we were going out and he agreed, he still made me that question the day of the date, He kind of asked me like with a tiny surprise: Why you want to go out with me?

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  • bit odd. either the person's insecure or low confidence

    • Low confidence or insecure why? Needs reassurement from what? What if the person who ask that is in his/her mids 40's?

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    • Some background first? To be honest I really I am afraid for what my brother will tell me hehe!! I mean for me this is the first guy I like and the first guy I assume he likes me cause I dont have male experiences in the past, I have never dated before or had a boyfriend before and this guy is even the first guy I went on a first date and Im not getting any younger to start being picky. I mean not saying I will settle going out with a douche of course not but I know that a certain age women becomes picky but also if you are too picky you won't find anyone either if you want to date a guy.

    • You know how brothers tend to be a tad overprotective. Well, as long as this guy doesn't have a shady past it's fine. You can hear from your bro and decide for yourself afterwards :)