Do you think she's looking to hook up?

So I'm at a new company and I'm working on a project with this hot girl that lives across the country. We haven't met but I can see her picture on her email signature. I don't have a pic on my email but she could have face booked me or LinkedIn.

So we're set to meet in Dallas and she's offering to pick me up at the airport so I don't have to get a car, the company would pay for my car so I'm like are you sure? She also hinted I should stay at the same hotel. She's like we can ride the same flight back to another city we have to visit too. Should used be in the gutter? She has been over the top helpful with me going out of her way and telling me a lot about herself.


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  • Girls have sex when it suits their purposes. Since you live in a different country and the likelihood of forming a relationship with her are slim to none - she is probably not looking to hook up with you. Maybe she wants to bait you into thinking you will get a hook up so she can get you to accommodate her more, entertain her more, keep her company, help her share the taxi fair or hotel fair, maybe give her emotional support or help her more than normal on her work assignments, maybe put in a good word for her so she can get a promotion or maybe she wants to improve her dating skills. As a fact woman do not have sex unless they benefit from it in some way - some do but those woman are extremely rare.

  • Don't jump into anything to fast. Build up to it


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  • I think she's interested, but don't worry about it now. You'll figure it out soon enough when you meet her. Be VERY careful about dating coworkers. Most relationships eventually end, and if things get messy you don't want any of that mess at the office. On the trip get your own car. You don't want to be dependent on her. Stay at the same hotel if you want. I wouldn't hook up with a colleague unless I knew them well enough to know that they could behave professionally through a breakup.

  • Possibly. But you shouldn't jump to a conclusion like that because you are meeting for business.
    If it happens it Happens but chances are you could be completely wrong.

    • Right. I'm just like wtf? It's making me think but I don't know

    • You're a guy.
      But chances are you are completely wrong so don't start acting that way unless you know for sure it's what she wants