Is he playing me or what and if so why would he do that? help I need advice :/?

He says he doesn't have a girlfriend but on his FB profile it says that he does so I don't know if I should believe him or not he seems to be a nice guy but I really don't want to get hurt :/ ?


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  • If you don't wanna get hurt, you have to stop being so naive.


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  • oh damn i understand u i had the same problem.. so by me it was that he was in a realitionship but he wanted to break up nd he did. so maybe he's in one, but honest the realitionship is over.. I don't know ask him nd say he has to be honest or u go.. good luck!:)

    • Yh I did ask and he said no even the girl said they don't go out still I don't know what to think ab tho it's a bit fishy :/