Good sign after hooking up?

I went on a date last night with a really fun guy. Long story short we ended up hooking up. After I got home he texted me saying "Had fun! Hope you did ;)". I can't bring myself to initiate a text with him; I don't necessarily regret hooking up with him but I definitely wouldn't mind seeing him again. And I feel like if that's all he wanted, I don't want to look stupid but texing him and just move on down the road. Do you think him texting me was a possibility of future time together or was it more of a "Had a good time take care" type thing?

And I did text him back letting him know that I also had fun.


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  • Yes girl you should have Texted him right back and told him you had a great time I would be so disappointed if you did that to me


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  • So you didn't reply after he texted you? When someone doesn't talk to me I assume that they don't want to see me either, so if you want to see him, then text him.

    • I did reply. I'm talking about initiating conversation. We haven't talked since I texted him BACK last night.

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  • Just send him a friendly text like " hey wassup?" Or " how are you doing?" You won't know until you try.