Can a guy be so busy that he doesn't text you for a month?

I started talking to a guy and he told me he was attracted to me and liked talking to me. He randomly stopped talking to me and then went on vacation then I didn't hear from him again. I texted him after a month and he said he was really busy with work after his trip and tired from working his new night shift.

Would I be a fool to believe that or could it actually be true? I just think that it doesn't take much effort to pick up the phone and text the person you like if you like them enough.

After briefly catching up, I ended the conversation and left it at that.


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  • i really doubt it.


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  • He was ghosting you like a total jerk. If a guy likes you he'll make time.

  • Yeah, if he's too "busy" to ever bother with you, you definitely shouldn't bother with him.