Could this guy be into me or is he just being nice?

Long story short, I've known this guy for 4 months or so now and met him through a mutual friend.

- the first time we met he bought me a drink and made a joke about being good with mothers (we talked about dating)
- he invited me to his birthday house party a week after meeting me. Our mutual friend told me that the guy had invited me to his place. Afterwards I found out that I was the only girl from the group he had asked.
- he always asks our mutual friend about me.
- I went on a date once and afterwards went to his house with another friend. He kept asking me about my ex, my date and even revealed that he was single.
- at the next event I saw him, he kept asking me why I was so quiet and handed me a drink. He also said that we could back to his place to talk and eat chips again (like we had done previously)
- he invited me to a roof top party but didn't ask anyone else from our group.

Does it sound like this guy might be into me or is he just being friendly?


What Guys Said 1

  • "he always asks our mutual friend about me. "<---- this one mostly... this one could b a good flirty sign actually


What Girls Said 1

  • He's probably interested in you.