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I'm dating this guy its going on 2 months. When he asked me out I didn't mean to say yes kinda pressurized into it. I wanted to make sure I actually liked him and got to know him more. I'm telling you right now the love he has for me is not the same I have towards him. And to be honest we only knew each other for a week and he was already like I love you. I care bout him and don't wanna hurt him I love him but just not in a boyfriend girlfriend kind of way, and maybe he's not in love either he just thinks he is. Should o give him a longer chance? Or should I tell him how I feel?


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  • Don't force something that's not there. The best thing you can do here is just tell him you don't really see him in that way any more. That you lost feelings (it's OK to white lie here) and that you think it's best to just go your separate ways.

    He's going to be upset. It's natural but, he will get over it in due time

    • by the way, just out of curioisty and I know it's not really my business but, why don't you actually like him? Like, why did you think you did but, found out you really don't?

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    • The guy that I am dating now started talking to me while I was talking to the other guy. He asked me out three times and I said no. Because I liked the other guy even though he stopped talking to me. The only reason I said yes this time!!! Was because he asked me out in front of a whole bunch of freaking people and I felt pressurized to say yes. So learn the facts before you just assume. And don't call me a prick

    • No, you did it out of revenge. You didn't have to say yes just because he did it in front of people. And I can call you whatever I want, ya little cunt


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  • better tell... but when u say...

    "I'm telling you right now the love he has for me is not the same I have towards him. "

    u mean he loves u more or less than u do?

  • You should tell him how you feel


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  • Tell him how you feel and dont allow yourself to feel so bad about it that you give him another chance.