Mild insecurity, is this a big deal?

Dating this girl, she's busy this week, and will be out of town next week, this means we probably won't see eachother for 3 or so weeks. I am used to seeing the girls I date like once a week minimum, and we pretty much have seen eachother once a week, so its weird for me. We havnt had sex yet, but weve gotten pretty close. Is that normal to potentially have that big of a lapse? And since this is only a month and a half old, will there be some attaction lost? She always says that we wants to see me again after a date, so maybe im just being an insecure idiot who needs to take it easy?

Lay the brutal truth on me <3



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  • can't u communicate via some other method whilst not seein each other?

    • We have been texting every other day or maybe a little longer, mainly how are you doing type shit.


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  • It's normal to be a little nervous, but I wouldn't act on it. She's probably a little nervous too since guys often get more bored and distant than girls do.
    Text and call if you can and wait it out until you see her:)

    • Thanks for the reassurance, ill keep in contact with her periodically throughout the next week or so.

  • just take it slow, its still early and if the connection is truly there the time missed will make up when u see eachother again.


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  • Everyone has insecurities, in some area or another so in my opinion if you have a midl insecurity it shouldn't be much of an issue. It doesn't matter if you have insecurities or not, what matters most is how you handle your insecurities in the best possible way. Hence don't worry, I think you are just fine.

    • Yeah I get you, I guess I just like her aha, and not seeing her for 3 weeks just kind of blows, especially when the intimacy just started to get going!