How can I get him back?

i met this guy like 3 weeks ago. we were a thing. he likes me and i slowly began to like him. at first we just hooked up and had sex but he told me he really likes me and my personality and everything about me. he showed me off and showered me with affection. but i kept backing out. it was to protect my heart. i kept backing out because i was scared. my ex physically and emotionally abused me. but the guy kept trying for awhile then one day he blew up at me saying i have been fucking with his heart" i really do like him, i just keep backing out. so he left the city for awhile and doesn't want to talk to me right now. i really miss him. i know i screwed it up but how can i win him back? he might come back here but I don't know right now


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  • That's tough. I do feel for you. Just give it some time. I know that's not the answer you're looking for, but it's what's needed, for you and him. The hardest thing to do sometimes is wait. It didn't sound like you've had enough time to heal yet. It takes longer if there was abuse. If it's meant to be, it will. Even the very wise cannot see all ends.


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  • By doing whatever it takes and letting him see that you've changed for the better


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