Do you agree with age of consent? its 14 and 16 years in most places?

say you see a 18 yr old with a 35 yr old man and you know he's having sex with her. what are your thoughts? this would or can be normal in the 1800s.


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  • I dunno. I wouldn't do it. The development of maturity is still growing inside an 18 years old girl

    • i think its more rare with an older female unless she wants the dick of a man in his sexual prime lol say they are just in it for mutal benifits. she has someone smart to share things with her and he gets to have sex with a young girl whos slim and attractive. never been hurt before so she's genuine and sweet.

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    • And I'm happy that you feel comfortable and can be yourself

    • you realised i want you?

      is your uterus and ovaries in working condition?


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  • Age of consent is 16 in my state which I think is reasonable. I have dated and slept with several 16 year olds in the past 6 months

  • She's 18. At that point, what she does with him is beyond my control.

    If she's not even related or a friend, I don't have a right to butt into their relationship.

    • ok good answer. but i guess the wuestion is what youer really htinking.

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    • let me rephrase, she's your cousin. or sister.

    • Cousin or sister? Again, she's 18. Not my place. If she were my sister, I know she has my families stubbornness, so whatever. She'll learn her lesson.