After 5 months of "seeing each other" I was told he wasn't sure he wanted a relationship since he was so so busy already and had 2 divorces, help?

I talked to him since I was not sure what was going on between us and found out what I did not want to hear. He told me he was not sure he wanted a relationship since he was already so busy now and in a month he was going to start school. He said we could see each other twice a week though which is what we were already doing and he was not going to "ghost" on me. But as is I have to start most of our text messages. He will respond within 3 minutes but I don't see how he can't write first if he can respond that quickly. I prefer to talk on the phone but he is not one to talk. He always calls me beautiful. We never go anywhere anymore, we used to, he always just comes over to my place to hang out but I have a 5 year old and he has a 4 year old so that makes it hard to go out. We started out much different, it was hard for me to date after my divorce and he understood and helped me through it. What I'm wondering is where are we? Probably a dumb question but why would he help me date just to "see me" and go no further? Also should I give him any time to figure out if he wants to go further? Final question, is it wrong that I kind of feel like a booty call?


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  • I'll answer your last question first. No, it's not. I'm sure he's focused on school, but it sounds like there's more to this. It's not wrong to give him some time, but I'd make my intentions clear to him. Sooner or later, he's going to have to answer the question.


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  • just look out for yourself, he already had 2 divorces...