Does he only want me for sex? How do I approach him if so?

Approximately 5 months ago, I met this guy that I'm currently talking to now. At the start, he was so eager to take me out on dates and go to movies and just other cute outings. Fast forward to now: we haven't been on an actual date in about a month. He's planned something for us on his birthday which is coming up, but it involves a hotel room which definitely means sex. We've discussed being in a relationship more than a few times, but he always replies by telling me he's "not ready" due to his past breakups. Do you think that he simply wants me just to pursue my body? How should I test him to make sure that's not the only thing he desires from me? If it turns out that that's all he's into me for, how should I approach him with the topic? All help is appreciated, thanks

UPDATE: So last night he asked for nudes, but I really wasn't feeling up for it so I pretty much curved him. Now he texted me this morning acting mad because I didn't send him any...


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  • It sounds like classic booty call behavior, I'm afraid. Sadly, "I'm not ready for a relationship " after five months means, "I'm not ready for a relationship with YOU." You won't be able to get this guy to commit at this point. The best you can do is tell him, "I never signed up for this, I'm out." I'm sorry and don't mean to sound harsh, but you need to figure out if you are ok with this set-up or if you want to be with someone who will give you everything you need.

    After the newness wears off, most couples do tend to ease up on the "dating" part and spend contented quality time together at home some times but the reason isn't about sex.


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  • Yes all he wants is your pussy. His actions are a dead give away


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  • Yeah it sounds like he wants the milk but not the cow.

    Maybe ask him something along the lines of "You say your not ready for a relationship so I am curious what you think this is, since we don't actually go on dates anymore, and I am not interested in just being a friends with benefits"

    Or you can maybe express somehow that he will not be getting sex or anything sexual and see if he calls off the "date" if he does then you know why he is in to this and you should cut the rope.