When a woman doesn't read your online dating profile?

I hit it off really well with a woman on an online dating site. She's been sending me back long replies so that's a really good sign and I was going to message her my number so we could chat on the phone breifly and schedule a date.

The only catch is that a couple of the questions she asked are answered in my profile and my profile is not very long. Does it matter? Should tease her about it playfully? Should I just pretend I didn't notice?


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  • Jeez i wish i met a guy on an online dating site who would actually call me and ask for a date!! most of the time i have to ask for the guys number lol Honestly, I'd say profiles don't matter cuz lots of times the girl prefers to hear your own take on things and not to have to rely on a profile. The problem with profiles are that some guys think they don't have to explain themselves cuz its 'on there profile' and its annoying. she wants to be able to talk about and elaborate on what you like based on your profile.


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  • If that's her biggest flaw, then I wouldn't give her a hard time about it. Most people don't read, they just look at the pictures


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  • Pretend you didn't notice. Maybe she read it but want to have more details or want to see if you lied. Don't even mention it.

  • Not many of them do any how