Am I dating a narcissist?

Ok. Met a great guy. Hit it off. We started dating. He moved quick and I was a little sketched but went with it. He at first said he didn't want a relationship so I stayed away. He called back was ignored then said i would like to try. Let's see how it goes. Everything was good. Then I noticed weird behavior. When I was home not only would he ask where I was but accuse me of being with someone and when out together accused me of flirting. I knew his "ex" wife which I'll get to shortly cheated many times with his own father. Then flash forward several months. His car was idol. So in the morning in would pick him up and drove him to work. And home. Some times stay but made myself Go home most of the time. Then he lost a license from something odd that instill have no clue why but now has it. More time spent. Then my car was shot. He said to stay more. The more I stayed the weirder he got. I caught him snooping and accusing me of doing things when I had no clue what he was talking about. I said I was going home one night and he took the keys and went to the bar. Inshore up to bar much later after walking across town home to feed cat and fin he's smearing my name. Now just weeks before something happened with a roommate who tried to put moves on me basically they said I caused it. The guy came in the room whole I was sleeping. It was weird. He said he lost trust after that. The I find he's still married but separated and she has been asking for divorce for months. He's holding on. Then I realized his stories changed about his past girlfriends just monotonous things but still. Anyway the night keys were taken and smear my name around how I was a slut three people came to me and said what is going on with you two. I was baffled. The next thing we go home and he starts telling me that he hates me and thinks I'm ugly and never wanted it to begin with but did fall for me then the roommate thing happened. Whip lash! I walked home for good. Then he tried to contact me

I don't contact him and he makes contact. Usually to about relationship or retracts. Its ever changing. I just told him listen I need a few days to myself. he actually called last night accussing me of stalking. My car is bright yellow. He lives on main drag and yes I been avoiding main drag. But I won't for long its 4 miles out of way. I traveled the road long before him (he only just moved there 4 months ago). Its all petty. Anyway, I sent a cute pic of me and the cat to prove him crazy.
but you guys all rock!! thank you :)


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  • Yeah he seems like a narcissist and a bad omen


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  • You aren't dating a narcissist, you're dating a really weird guy. None of his behavior makes any sense to me at all. He's hiding things, doing strange stuff - I'm honestly glad to hear you got out of it before something bad happened.

  • Just get out of it already and don't look back it's never going to work, he has trust issues and kind of crazy


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