I'm usually not interested in any guys. What should I do?

I'm usually not interested in any guys. Like i never have feelings for guys that like me.. which is starting to worry me because im 20 years old! This one guy i madeout with at a bar in my college town I completely fell in love with. I've thought he was cute for over two years now. I played it cool and accidently umped into him, and we started talking and he bought me a drink. He told me i was the most beautiful girl. We danced and talked until we closed down the bar and then asked me if i wanted to go back to his place but didn't want it to come off like that at all. He said he just wanted to see me longer. I went back and we talked and madeout all night. He told me secrets and intimate things about him that he wouldn't just tell anyone. I fell asleep there and in the morning he asked for my number and said he really liked me and wanted to do this again. He told me to come visit him at work that night. I never went to go visit him because it seemed to eager i thought. Then a week later i left to go study abroad and he liked my pictures on facebook. But i haven't texted him since or anything. Was i just being used? or Does he actually like me and just waiting for me to be back at college at the start of next year?

also ps. he has a psycho ex girlfriend that i know about through mutual friends. she has made it impossible for him to get with girls because she is friends with a lot of people and pushes everyone away from him...

He said he has only had sex with two girls and didn't want to go that far that night


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  • Well he didn't sleep with you when he probably could have so that's always a good sign

    • Having said that, you never really know because usually when I ask for someone to go back to my place, all I really want is sex so yeah...

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  • Same with me and it worries me as well because I really find them hot, yet when I go out with them Im not really there or interested. Im 20 years old as well by the way, and judging from your story, I assume youve unconsciously blocked away any feelings towards other guys because you're occupied on one person. Cause seems to me you like that guy. I think he really likes you because when a guy shares intimate things with a girl, this means he is comfortable with you and trusts you. Also, he did not have sex with you when you slept over and didn't force you into anything rushful. Dont worry about the psycho girlfriend. Hold your head up high and aim for what you want. Its not like she's going to kill you atnight or kidnap you or something. Afterall the prize is worth it no?

  • Re-align your expectations.