What's in his mind now? What must I do now?

I used to like a guy and proposed him but he rejected me. I also didn't talk about it again with him. But then he began to call me frequently, talking to me. Hence I expressed most of my feelings. He never disliked if I said to him, "I loved u". Not to mention, he never said, "I love you too." in reply. Then one day we both had an argument when I asked him about our marriage, he rejected me the second time. I got so angry that I unfriend him from Facebook. He msged me over messenger within an hour, "So i am unfriend, good, great, excellent!" After a week following this fight, I thought I should not be losing him as a friend, so I sent him another Facebook friend request. We chatted for a little while in which he clearly told me to wait for his response. He said he'd have a word with me and after that he'd respond to my friend request. I have been waiting since 2 weeks now but my friend request is still pending (he has neither cancelled it nor accepted it). He also didn't call me or tried to talk to me. I don't know what's in his mind. What must I do?


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  • guess he feels hurt when u unfriended him, and doesn't want 2 befriend u back... maybe he'll calm down after some time has passed i believe


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  • He doesn't want you. Leave him alone