Is she the one for me , or am I wrong made a list thoughts?

Plus (why i like her)
She fun
beautiful in her own way
enjoy her company
want to be there for her
i could look in to her eyes for ever
i like doing things for her i dont do for others
Really dont care if we have sex (likei like it but its not why i see her)
enjoy taking her on big dates
If i could i would do anything so she dosent have to work because it gets to her
i put up with her annoying snorringXD
I want her beside me for the rest of my life
forgave her for leaving me for someone else
i dont think about her 24/7
wouldn't be happy if it was just her
Why i am i questioning it

If i had nothing else but her living in a run down house with shit all as a job i don't think i could be happy


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  • You're kinda hypocritical there bud, so you're happy being with her but unsatisfied with just her? Why not ask for a threesome? I don't know, you seem to like her. It's hard to find someone to connect with soooo, stay put.

    • no i mena if we were poor in a house with nothing but me and her i don't think i could be fully happy

    • Lmfao I don't think anyone would happy in that situation.

    • XD ahhh well my thoughts on love are different , i thought when i was younger as long as i had the love of my life that's all that mattered. i would be happy no matter what

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  • You never really know whether someone is the one for you, but it looks like it


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