Re-marrying - would you do it?

Would you re-marry, post divorce or widowing? Why or why not?

if you have already re-married, what was your experience like?


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  • Heck yeah. If I found the right person. I don't enjoy living alone all that much. It's easier to get lucky when you live with someone with enjoys getting lucky with you.

    • ... and perhaps just sharing things and loving life. It can be fun to have someone you sync up with and get creative about doing things.

  • Yes, I would definitely do it because it's worth a shot and it's a romantic idea to be able to find the love that I've dreamt experiencing.

    • But the question the divorced ask themselves, I think, is - what part was missing in my last relationship? Absence of love by ones orboth? Absence of connectedness? Lack of loyalty/dedication? Absence of excitement? What part did they play in whatever factors caused the failure? ... and perhaps the most pressing, can they effect an appropriate change next time to have a relationship that is worthwhile and enduring?

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  • I am married amd have been a long time. I dont know if I would get married again, I dont think so. If O did it would be with a prenup.

    • I'm thinking a lot of divorced guys feel the same way.

    • The big reason I wouldn't do it though is I can't see myself marrying someone other than my wife. I would be a widower if I was dating again And I dont think it would feel right to marry again.