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I recently had a huge crush on this guy named seth, One day i confessed and he said he like me too so we started dating but then the next day he said he didn't know if he was gay or not and broke up with me. He never really told me he was straight or gay after that. i still really like him but i dont want to say something to him and ruin our friend ship. also i personally think he's not gay because he's now dating a girl named sarah. I don't know what to do.


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  • Coming to terms with your sexuality is a personal thing especially if you're not the "norm" a heterosexual. Every gay man or woman has to come to terms with who they are in their own time.

    Just be his friend.


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  • It just sounds like he doesn't know exactly who he likes. I mean, you both are still in high school, and many people don't discover, accept, or understand their sexual orientation until their twenties or even later. I'd say give him some space and see where he goes with this girl. If he seems serious, have a talk with him about it and what you two had with each other.