Does he really just wants to be friends or much more?

There is this guy who says he wants to get to know me. We are sort of friends and we hang out once. He took me out for dinner, and I offered to pay him back but he refused. I felt like a date. He is very sweet and a gentleman. Didn't try to hold my hand, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek when he sees me. When he found out it was my birthday on Thursday, he told me he wanted to wait for me to finish work. I told him I wasn't sure what time I finish and I knew there was a storm coming later that evening. He insisted on waiting for me because it was my birthday. So I said fine. Turns out that he wanted to take me out for dinner. He ordered the most expensive wine in the menu and was very attentive. Again, didn't try to kiss me or hold my hand. I know he said he wanted to be friends but I feels that friends don't treat friends this way. We don't hang out a lot though nor do we contact each other much. Does he want to date me?


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  • I think he is dating you but not putting a label on it

  • he wants more.