Why my lover ask me to date other guys?

My story, I been seen this guy over a year and 4months already. We like each other since day one. We started talking, flirting, kissing, hugging, texting and oral sex on and off during this whole period of time. Recently we start having sexual intimacy 5 times in 2 months period plus oral. He said he loves it, likes me even though we have no real relationship, we aren't dating, we are lovers. Both of us have partners (I know is wrong).
Today I told him I sign up on a dating site a few days ago, I was curious and that I've talk to a few guys, they want to meet me blah blah, after a brief silence he told me it's ok if i want to date other guys, but no sex, even if I do have sex he wants to still be with me. He repeated he prefers me not to have sex with them, but it's my choice, we aren't dating. Also told me he will date other girls, then thought about it by seen my reaction and said it was a joke.

Got me thinking why would he say that? he knows I have feelings for him and I'll never do that. Still he said it like he didn't care at all. Before he had told me not to fuck anyone else and now? I'm confuse. Does he cares for me or not, we been on and off for this long, now we getting to know each other more deeply. Why would he ask me that? 😐 Help!


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  • can you two just become exclusive to each other? this sounds a bit ridiculous

    • Its hard to be exclusive in our situations. Still I'm giving him exclusivity over dating other guys. Don't know him.


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  • He probably doesn't like you. I mean, you're not an item. So there.


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  • You're dating someone but fucking someone and still looking for other guys on dating apps?

    • I'm in a relationship with someone, fucking another guy and not looking for other guys. I made a mistake by opening that account, which I'm planning to close soon.