Having a hard time with girls?

I'm in college now. i haven't a girlfriend I'm a year. the problem is I don't know how to act around them. or anyone. for some reason I grown really socially awkward and can't seem to talk to anyone anymore without appearing weird or unsocial


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  • - Don't listen to girl's advices. They're terrible even with good intentions.
    Seek advices amongst very social men who are also know to be successful with women.

    - Train yourself NOT TO GIVE A FUCK about chicks. That doesn't mean being disrespectful towards them. It means staying normal when a girl is around. If you're talking to guys, and suddenly a chick joins the conversation, don't change your behaviour.

    - Don't be afraid to think what you think. Boring people are people with no opinions on any subject. If you restrain yourself from voicing your opinion because you're afraid you're gonna sound stupid, you're gonna end up coming off as boring or unsocial.

    - Work out. It's not just for the body, it's also to clear your mind and help you relax. You don't even need to pay for a gym. Just do push ups and crucnhes at home.


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  • just be yourself

    • I hate this answer so much. you have to understand being myself is what has gotten me into this mess. when I was myself everyone thought I was high or weird. so when I started trying to change how I was I ended up being just socially awkward

    • if they can't like you for who you are then you shouldn't even be with that person in the first place

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  • Just talk to everyone you see but don't talk too much. If you listen to people and actually act interested in what they are saying they will like you and they will keep talking about themselves. This is true with most people but especially girls. Don't say anything to try and sound cool or impress anyone. Girls love it when a guy doesn't try too hard.

  • You're putting way too much importance on girls. You need to learn to be comfortable with just yourself and learn that it's okay for girls not to like you. Once you let go of that fear you'll stop trying to create a false personality revolved around them liking you and you'll feel more natural and comfortable with yourself.

    Once you're comfortable with yourself, others will feel comfortable with you.

    • Great answer. im guessing you must have been down this route?

    • All too well, yeah. Is something I'm still learning myself. But there have been things more important to me than women that I'm working on.

  • You should focus more on your school work if I knew dude I'd tell you there is no trick to getting girls it just happens.