Why is it that when I am texting a guy he always asks for pictures of my face and/or wants to talk about sex? Why don't they want a real conversation?

It happens often enough that its starting to annoy me. I want to talk and get to know the guy, not just talk about sex or send pictures back and forth.


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  • Perhaps you can do this better on a real date. The texting environment allows us to conceal our true selves. There is no incentive to be forthcoming and honest. Yes people can still lie (or embellish) their persona, but a face to face REAL date allows us to gauge body language, and that can tell whether someone is comfortable with the conversation.

    On a real date you will have to talk about things other than sex, and no pictures needed when you are sitting 3 feet apart.

    My advice: filter out the guys who insist on inappropriate photos or have little else to talk about but sex.

    Find the guys who are interested in YOU! They want to know all about you and your family, your likes and dislikes, your favorites and taboos.

    Keep on trying, a smart girl is always worth the wait!

    • Thanks for the advice! :) the only problem I'm having is that NO guys seem to want to know everything about me or are interested in me in that way :(

    • You may be fishing in the wrong pond. If you are a college student, work on your education and look for the more educated young men in your field. Focus on education first, boys last. Good Luck girl.


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  • After a messages back and forth. I would want one picture of you, in casual settings. Remember , guys are very visual creatures. But talking about sex all the time is really boring. I guess these guys are just more open to talking about sex, due to that it's behind a keyboard.

    • but does this mean they only wants sex? and is it a bad sign?

    • probably just looking to masturbate to your photos, while you continue to talk about sex. I've never understood this "fetish", but then again I don't like to text, I like for people to call me only.

  • blame girls who give it away easily

    • There are times for casual sex and times for serious, emotional and meaningful commitment. Why can't guys take me seriously when I tell them I want to date and find something serious and I dont wanna fuck around? lol

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    • but he stopped texting me before I told him how i felt. then after 2 text of him not responding i sent him the third with how i felt. we went into into it knowing its casual and he even told me he's not looking for relationship and i agreed but changed my mind i guess. i thought he liked me maybe even a little. why doesn't he just tell me this?

    • Well this one I can't answer sorry you'll have to ask him. I really think you should just let it go for your own good.

  • It's too bad that the guys won't try to have a real conversation. In all honestly it is probably because you are smoking hot. Not that I am trying to make an excuse for their behaviour.

    • But even if a girl waz really hot why would this ever prevent the guys she's talking to from making real and meaningful conversation? I don't get it.

  • Cause they are horny, pervert. And all they know is sex. Their mind works by just their thing, not by their head. Sorry if i offend perverts :D

  • When guys want real conversation, they talk to other guys.
    Women are to judgmental and we can not be ourselves around women.
    Therefore the only time we actually care to talk to you is when we are trying to get you to have sex with us.

    • Not true, I'd think girls are usually more sympathetic and connection emotionally more. And if a guy is only gonna talk to me cuz he wants sex, fuck that shit. I want a guy who wants to talk about everything with me and tell me his deepest secrets, desires, dreams and wishes, I know he's out there ^_^

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    • I would never discourage a guy if he told me his deepest secrets, dreams and desires. Thats just not who I am.

    • It has been my observation in life

  • Cause you might be a dude who is messing with him. I think if u got a picture of him he should get a picture of you. Now nudes hell no. that only a relation ship thing. whether it be bf/gf or friends with benefits

    • i sent him a picture already!! lol and id never send nudes to someone i waz in a relationship with either. i just feel uncomfortable sending random pictures of myself

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    • he's 24, im 20. an today we were talking about our childhoods and interests and then after he asked about sending pictures cuz he thinks im beautiful and shit i told him i waz uncomfortable with that and would rather get to know him more before that cuz I've had negative experiences with guys and sex in general before. and his response was so insensitive he's like 'oh :( so so naughty talk or pictures?' and im like wtf cuz i just told him something personal and he doesn't even seem to care. i dont think i will be responding back to him. like EVER.

    • Yeah he only cares about sex.

  • Because that's the motivation guys have for interacting with women. They're just cutting right to the chase and being honest.

    • so does this mean that they just want sex? or could they still actually want to date me? i have a hard time reading people and their intentions in general and i appear to usually choose the wrong guys for some reason. like im NOT looking for just hookups or friends with benefits but thats always the type of guys i seem to attract.

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    • thanks for the advice ^_^ but why in hell only 5% would actually date me? people say i am attractive so wouldn't i have a better than 5% chance? lol why is the percentage of only wanting sex SO high, like what do guys have to gain from only sex and no relationship? i dont get it

    • Some generalizations for you (of course there are exceptions)

      Guys don't need an emotional connection for sex, and women do. Guys approach, women don't. Guys want sex, women relationships.

      Comes down to programming. Think ancient times. If a guy wants kids, impregnate as many women as possible to ensure his genes pass on. For a woman, keeping a guy around for protection keeps her alive during pregnancy, plus she and her and kids afterwards. A guy then might commit to his most favored pregnant woman.

      Guys aren't programmed to settle until she's already pregnant.

      That's all non-scientific, but there you go.

      Plus, relationships aren't very... advantageous for men in today's world. Quite the opposite. A successful guy enjoys more advantages staying single, so that causes most men to only want sex. Only a guy who really likes you is willing to accept disadvantages in order to keep you around.

      On a mobile and out of characters, so there you go.

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  • because they're dirty like that