He is my crush, we liked each other a lot 2 month ago. Should I try him again?

Two month ago when we first met, we like each other a lot, we dated several times and want to take things seriously. But I just broke up at that time so always got drunk, wasted, talking about my ex. In the end he is not texting me anymore. Now that it's been a month we didn't contact each other, I started to text him again last night coz I need to sent him something via mail. We chatted a bit briefly but I didn't ask him out and he neither.

Guys, do you think he would like it if I tell him that I'm over my past already? And how should I tell him? How should I ask him out again? Thank you!!


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  • Nope move on to better pastures.

    • why? I still like him, and I think he also has feelings for me, coz he's not unhappy when I contact him again days ago

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  • Try it again.