Jealousy showing already and we haven't even met? online dating?

Been talking to a guy for 2 weeks. He calls me every day to talk. When he gets back from his job away we are going to meet. He thinks im beautiful and has strong feelings for me but is paranoid im talking to other guys, for example, if i dont answer phone straight away and asks if we hit it off ill be faithful to him. He has only been split up from his wife 2 months and she's already moved out and bought a new house etc. I just have mixed feelings about this, i really enjoy talking to him etc but on paper it looks bad.


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  • Um... I might give this one a pass, my love. That's unreasonable behaviour. You haven't even met and he wants you to be exclusive to him already. He sounds jealous and possessive.

  • I would tell him that I talk to other guys, but those are just friends and nothing more.