I never had a girlfriend but I want one?

I'm a 22 year old guy who has never had a girlfriend. I have so never been on a date. I've asked out plenty of girls but I was always rejected. I try flirting with girls but they either walk away or laugh at me. I'm a nice guy who treat women with respect. My female friends always say how I'm a nice guy since I talk to their face and not their chest. They also tell me I'll find someone soon.

I just graduated college this past May with a degree in Economjcs and I currently work as a Financial Advisor and I'm study's to take exams so I can become a stock broker. I'm confident in myself but I do not think I'm attractive. No girl has ever said I was cute besides female relatives. Yet low lifes who dropped out of high school and treat women like garbage get the girls just because they're hot. Can you give me any good advice on how to get a date?


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  • Hi there!
    It breaks my heart to hear this! :( Nowadays, girls just can't seem to focus on the rare amazing personality traits in a guy. It's sad and frustrating for those small percentage of guys out there that know how to respect a woman to try so hard to find a girl but end up getting rejected.
    I guess some advice I can give you is to continue being successful and expressing your nice personality. The main thing though is to maybe join some social groups around the area and meet people who have the same interests as you? That would also help with starting conversations with girls in the group as well! Another important thing is to continue to have confidence in yourself. I know it's hard, but instead of worrying that you're not attractive, just tell yourself everyday that you are! :)
    Trust me, don't go looking for love... let love find its way into your life. You will eventually find the perfect girl who will adore everything about you!

    • I hope you're right. One day I want a wife and a couple of children, that's my main goal in life but at 22 and been on a date doesn't look good for me.

      I'm just use to girls I ask telling me I'm ugly. The social group is a good idea. It'll expose me to new women and I can practice talking to them. Wish me luck!


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  • you can ask your friend to help you out with blind dates or something


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  • How to get a girl.

    Step 1 BE CUTE/HOT.
    Step 2 HAVE MONEY.

    If you don't have either of those 2 things we'll you're going to take what you can get and usually it's from a girl in your exact same situation. Now a lot of people are going to say it's all about confidence and personality BULL MOTHERFUCKING SHIT/QUIT LYING TO THESE PEOPLE because that stuff only matter if and when the girl find you physically attractive if not watch what happens #YouAintGettingNoPlay #ShesGoingToLaughAtYou.

    So I guess you're going to have to take the money route to get the girls then #SadButTrue. Since Looks > personality because unless you were friends with the girl 1st she's never going to get a chance to see your personality because she wrote you off from the moment she saw you walking in the store -_-

    • I'm just mad that by the time you get some money... ya know enough to attract the girls you'll probably be around 25-27 -_- which is stupid, but hey everybody seems to put looks over everything in the dating scene.

  • Are you in shape? Make sure you're in shape and also groom and dress well. Also make sure your asking girls out in your own league, I see a lot of guys complain about having a hard time with girls, but those guys are the ones that seem to be asking girls out that are way out of their league. When you take a girl out make sure you dont talk to much or seem to clingy, take things slow. hope this helps man

  • Forget about it bud
    Find hobbies and activities you find fun and invest your money in those, forget about women. Chances are you don't meet their steep physical standards.

  • There seems to be more guys like this than girls or its just guys are more vocal about it

  • You have a career making money so now women will probably start coming around and the more money, the more they will come around especially if you're going to be a broker. Looks and/or money is what gets the women. A lot want to say confidence and personality which is something women ONLY care about if you're physically attractive to them. I assume since you work as a financial advisor you dress professionally and keep yourself up. You sound like you have a lot of focus and determination and goal orientated so I know its not confidence and you're over 20 so I know its not like you're 13 worried about never having a girlfriend.

    Its your genetic looks Not trying to offend you , but the dating game is more shallow and materialistic than people try to lead on. The people not in your shoes will tell you all that mess about confidence and personality just to make you feel better NOT to help you. people love to be politically correct and positive especially and even when if its a lie.

    • I completely agree with you. I know a kid from my dorm freshman who is in grad school who has a job making $100k waiting for him but yet he's always rejected. He's a nice guy but bit that attractive. It's a shame people put so much into looks and nothing else.

    • Yeah I know. That's just the way it is.