Running into a former fling?

Last week I was out at a bar when I ran into a guy I dated for 4 months. We ended because he just "ghosted" me stopped texting or asking to hang out. This bar I went to I knew I was bound to run into him there because its a spot where everyone goes in the summer.

I was walking and kind of ran right into him. I was really nervous but he came up to me and we starting talking asking me what I was up to ETC. Durning mid convo he told me I looked "lost" and I didn't understand why? the only reason I can think of us because I was scared and not acting myself and not looking directly at him. After, we were talking he kind of just walked away and didn't say bye and I lingered behind him with my friends because my friend said we had to stay over there because her friends were meeting us at that spot. As im standing there I see him trying to pick up another girl.

It just bothers me because sometimes I really do miss him but I know he is a womanizer.


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  • guess u r not special 2 him, since he flirts wid other gals meanwhile, and if he's a womanizer as u say, it'd b more difficult for him to b dedicated to 1 gal and only


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  • You were probably acting uncomfortable in front of him. I think you should avoid him even though you miss him.