Do guys tend to use a lot of tongue when they kiss when they are excited/horny?

The last guy I dated used tongue every time we would kiss. I would go in for a simple kiss when greeting him for a date, and 1 second into it, his whole tongue would be in my mouth. Another time, I asked him why he always used so much tongue, and he seemed baffled and said, "cause that's the best part". Ok, tongue is nice but not exclusively!

I tend to use a lot of tongue when I am really aroused (i. e., during petting), but this is after a warm-up of soft kisses.

I tried to show him how to kiss by demonstrating. But it was a fail. It was awkward and difficult to show him cause his mouth and tongue are a lot bigger than mine. If I could do it again, I would ask him to mimic how I am kissing him as I am demonstrating.


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  • I think so


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  • I use a lot of tongue when we are in private, and I'm horny. But if its just a simple love kiss, then i don't use any tongue.

  • Yes yes and yes


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