How much does a guy's physical preference matter?

So I have a new boyfriend. He is actually my somewhat friend's ex and she was not so happy about it. She mentioned to her most recent ex, another good friend of mine, that my boyfriend actually really likes big breasts which she has in abundance. She's really prety, thin and pretty much has F-cups. I am basically faltchested and have hips, which he's appparently never cared about much. I've just been really self conscious about it since I heard and she's been talking about me to our mutual friends and comparing us. I talked to him about his preferene and how I'm totally not it a little and he said he doesn't really care much because he's more into personality. But it really just bothers me. I mean I feel like I'm no where near as good as this girl. So I mean on a scale from 1 to 10 how important is it? like not at all imporant or should I actually be worried?


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  • i'll tell u... if he's REALLY interested in u then he'll overlook this. but if he doesn't care bout u much, then he'll dump u


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  • It depends on the other person and what they like. For me it's not very important, it's personality that gets me