Could be anything! !!!

JUST TO UPDATE- My craziest moment was quite similar to most of yours, but getting shit face with your crush infant of you, then taking my shirt off and trying to kiss her AHHH :( Lol Haven't seen her since then..


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  • I got drunk and pissed my pants on my brothers favorite sofa. Thankfully the Chihuahua was sitting on my lap biting anyone who tried to get too close to me...
    It was super embarrassing. I have actually done a lot of stupid shit. Lol
    I was leaving a party with my (at the time brand new boyfriend,) dad, brother, sister, and two friends I thought I had startigically placed my boyfriend and myself in the car that didn't have my dad in it. Well I stuck my hand down my bf's pants and started rubbing him off, only to have him tell me the next morning that my dad was sitting right next to me... :( I was so hammered that I dint remember any of this

    • What the fuck, what was your dad doing? Just watching? Lol

    • My dad was beyond drunk. I'm pretty sure he was passed out next to us, but I guess everyone else was somewhat sober. My brother still gives my husband and I shit to this day! I still can't believe that I was seconds away from giving a blowjob while my father was right next to me...
      And this is precisely why I quit drinking.

    • YESSSS SAME HERE!!! Mine happened recently (READ UPDATE) But that's the reason why i quit drinking


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  • i was going to attend a party in my school and one girl stepped on my dress on purpose (well she was always my enemy i don't know why lol) my dress got ripped from the left side and i really felt embarrassed. Seriously whenever i remember it i just blush and laugh

  • I got lost on the Eiffel tower with my friend... that really wasn't that bad though... oh I fell down if front of a huge group of people once

  • omg i was riding my bike to my house once and it was pretty dark, i had this HUGE wedgie xD i started kinda lifting my butt off the seat and put my hand in my pants to try to lower them (they were those 'boy shorts' underwear) and it turned to be harder than i thought and i was making a turn and i completely lost balance and fell on the curb.. with my hand in my pants! omg it was so embarrassing ugh to this day I'm ashamed

  • start masturbating in class because my man ( who is also my college teacher) told me to do it or he would fail me haha on the exam

  • Got drunk and told him how much I loved him

  • I was out on a date with my BFF "who's a guy"
    Day after graduation.

    We're just hanging out, shopping and went out to eat. I get up from the table and I felt blood.
    Go to the bathroom look in the mirror "blood everywhere on the back of my pants"

    I had to get him to cover me and go to the store with me to buy new pants and pads.
    Then I got terribly sick after possibly cramps but could've been nerves from being so embarrassed.

    Surprisingly he didn't leave me and took me all the way home.

    I probably scared him for life though. The entire time he just kept saying "don't look down, don't look down." We didn't talk much about it after that day.
    Awk. lol

    I try to make it a habit now to keep track of surprise visits. Don't need that happening again with another guy.


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  • Danced on the bar in a thong. Man, that was really embarrassing. The only good thing is I didn't remember it. But a friend was kind enough to show the video to me the next day. :P

  • Confessing my feelings drunk