I don't even know where this is going?

The guy I like and his girlfriend just broke up. At the beginning of the year he said he liked me and I complicated things for his relationship, they had trouble both before and after me, I'm not the reason they broke up. He knows I like him and we are also close friends We are on uni break but have been messaging for the last few days. Last night I said something about sex and he said that he won't be doing much of that now he has no one. I was like 'that's debatable' and then he didn't reply for ages and then completely changed the topic by writing random emojis. He was also secretly fingering me at a party last week. I want to be with him but I KNOW that he needs time to be single for a while. I want to sleep with him but I know that's dangerous because of my feelings. I don't know if this will ever go anywhere or whether I'm just eventually going to get hurt again...


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  • If he has a wondering eye it's going nowhere.


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  • lol well avoid it by moving on