What does it mean when a guy text good morning everyday or every other day and then has little to no conversation after that. We used to talk more?

  • he's interested
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  • He doesn't know what he wants
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  • He's just being friendly
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  • He's just trying to keep me around ( at least for now)
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  • he's just being "typical" mostly i'd say!

    • Can you elaborate

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    • but I met his whole family when I went into state to visit him and they knew all about me.

    • then he might've got other things to do now (maybe?) and he cannot send anything more than a goodmorning...

  • Sounds like maintenance moves. Voted D.

    • What does that mean can you explain

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    • talk about a really confusing situation huh? Plus I think he's kinda lonely and Im not there so I know he's keeping his options open. He called me earlier to see how I was and to check in on me. He called me babe I can definitely sense the distance when we talk sometimes but It just odd he randomly talks to me. Im just in a big confusing situation. He said in the past he doesn't want to commit to anything now with me being here and him there and wants to see where things go when a get there the only problem is I do not want to be strung along

    • Yeah, it's peculiar. I don't know what I'd do if I were in your shoes, probably lose patience and end it, but I'm not a brilliant relationship role model. lol. I guess it depends how much you like him and how much potential you see there.

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