Im dating a guy for 7 months now and im still not his girl friend!! And he shows the opposite?

Hey everyone I've been dating a gorgeous guy for 7 months, since the first date he told me were very compatible and if we are going to be together we'll be a great couple. But since the beginning he told me he didn't want anything serious and also i was. We both got out of very bad relationships. He was about to marry his ex then they broke up! Anyhow, he treats me like his girlfriend yet he says that boyfriend/girlfriend thing is = marriage!! And we are similar to "friends with benefits" but exclusive and he always get jelous, and when i joked about dating someone else he got mad and about to breakup with me. He treats me like he loves me!! And made me surprises in birthday and gifts. And he's not seeing someone elae and me too, he always tell me how much likes me. What im sure of is he is affraid of commitment and when he talks about it he says its very dark subject and lately he joked twice within 3 months about getting married me and him "just a joke" and once asked me what i think of marriage am i just thinkin of wedding and fancy stuff or about settle or what! by the way his ex likes fancy and shallow stuff! Im totally the opposite! And when I recommended for him "men from mars, woman from venues" and i gave it to him he read it and liked it very much he thanked me for it. Also we dont fight a lot we dont argue much! Im very comfortable with him so do he. Just when i say if im going to get married someday what would he do! He says its hard i dont want to talk about it our relationship is very confusing and my brain is messed up i dont know. Im affraid that this is not going anywhere? Since i was hurt very badly befeore i dont want to get hurt again. And i think im started to love him or im already in love i dont know!! Please i need you opinion.. Sorry i wrote a lot of details just to deliver the whole picture to you,, waiting for your answers. "Btw he's the best guy i ever known were compatible same class, education, knowledge, morals, mentality everything"


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  • You answered your own question, he's afraid of commiting with you. It's probably caused my his last relationships. You can try to ask him or maybe even "wonder" with him what he thinks about being in a relationship with you. Do something indirect but direct enough to get an opinion from him. Maybe with the time you can work on this and get him to be officially your boyfriend.

    • Thanks for your honest opinion matheus, am not a naggy person and i dont want to feel that im forcing myself on him, once i told him that if one day i wanted a relationship and your not i will leave u he said ok! But his brothers and friends know about me.. If i just continued to be with him is possible to make him not be fear of commitment no more? Because i feel a bit change and i think guys dont just joke about married or talk about it just put of a sudden! Right?

    • And about "wondering" he'll immediately will say i dont won't to think about it!! His a very honest person..

    • I think that if he continues with you the way he is now, with this honest relationship he may want to commit in the future, but I'm not saying that this will happen, I just think that chances can be increased.


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  • it sounds like he's afraid to commit seriously to the point where you are boyfriend and girlfriend

  • He doesn't want to commit

    • But he always been the type whos willing to get married shortly! Is that fear willing to fade?