When should I ask her out?

I am currently in college and have a huge crush on a friend I met. Next semester we are in 4 classes together. I really want to ask her out but I am not sure if I should be direct and do it now, or if I should wait until later, after we have had those classes together (she could be my lab partner, so I wouldn't want to mess that up because she is really smart). Waiting would kind of stink but on the flip side I feel like if she got to know me more than she might be more willing to say yes.


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  • You should be direct, otherwise odds are that someone else will end up getting her.


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  • The safest thing to do this summer is to get some group activities going with some friends and try and get her to come along. Then she will get to know you outside a classmate setting and you can move to asking her to hang out one on one