Is it finance or me?

Is it finance or me ???

I work a minimum wage job... fortunately for me my hobbies don't costs much... I'm a musician, skateboarder, poi artist and parkour / free runner... I'm an intelligent guy, I'm out going, trustworthy, loyal and fun plus funny. I'm looking for love ❤ .. Why don't the women go for me?

  • in the end its all about the all mighty dollar
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  • your looking for love in all the wrong faces and places
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  • your not sexually attractive
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  • give it time
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  • That's not how it works for regular, everyday life people barely anyone comes up to us and starts flirting unless they want something I am not going to give them.

  • You have unique interests, so you probably need a unique girlfriend. Creative types don't match up with some reality TV obsessed, short-thinking consumer off the streets, you know?


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