Does she want me or is she playing games?

accidently called my ex last week whilst in the gym ( with her for 5 months). wasn't expect to hear back, but she text me saying, you ok? xxxx and another one an hour later after I didn't reply saying, are you ok? do you miss me? xxxxx

I replied. And she told me she missed me. It came out that I had been out on a date, only as friends though! we went to the resturant me and my ex first went on our first date. she text me getting jealous, saying thats our place!!! then said I obviously couldnt of liked her if I moved on that quick. I told her we both know I liked her a lot and she's being stupid. ( she was the one who said she needed time and that I should see other girls) she said I know I told you to see other girls but I wasn't expect you too do so, so quick, it just sounds weird (I haven't moved on I still really like my ex). then she said what does she look like, is she pretty, does she go to the gym, does she have a nice bum does she squat ( All the things I told her I like in a girl and things I liked about my ex) . I said to her she's a nice girl but we are only friends. She kept asking what does she look like. I said, why does it matter, what she looks like? we are only friends. That was the last text we exchanged, too which she hasn't replied to in 5 days.

However she has been comeneting and liking my instagram pictures and facebook pictures and statuses. I also think she is posting stuff to get my attention and hope I will like it or comment. Im confused, whats going on here. I no I shouldn't, but I realy miss her and want her back but I dont know if she feels the same? I think I should just get on with my life and if she wants to be with me she will reach out and get incontact, or should I contact her? what do you reccomend I do? does she want me back?

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  • she is playing games.


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  • Man, I am so glad I don'5 have to deal with head games any more. If you want to be with her, tell her. As long as she is showing interest, you are hooked and that is what she wants. She needs to feel wanted and desired. Fortunate for us, most girls eventually grow up and realize we boys/men are no different in our desires and stop playing the head games. I guess my advice is play along or move on.


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  • Yes she wants you back. Keep applying no contact. Dont talk to her at all unless she contacts you. If she contacts you be polite and indifferent. Dont kiss ass and dont beg. Be your own person away from her. The best revenge on an ex that dumped you is being happy on your own. there's no need to question you the way she was... she's your ex cuz she made herself your ex.