Why dont guys who think they are ugly or can't find a woman go to a foreign dating site?

I have seen a number of posts over the past few day by men who couldnt find women. Some said they were too ugly and others had different reasons. Some suggested giving up and others going to hookers. Why dont they consider some of the foreign dating sites? The women are really nice. I have lived in most of these places and I can tell you that woman there aren't like the often bitchy, self serving, materialistic women you might encounter in the US. I'll post some women's pictures . You tell me what YOU think?

How come you men who have said you were too ugly or for some other reason can't find a girl dont use a foreign dating site?
How come you men who have said you were too ugly or for some other reason can't find a girl dont use a foreign dating site?


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  • You do understand that some of the time, the only reason they're so much nicer is because they want a green card right? It happens to girls with men from other countries too. They're always so loving, kind, caring and perfect.
    There are shitty people in every country, and nice people too. If you're never meeting nice people, you need to look at the vibe you're giving and the people you surround yourself with. There's a reason you attract who you attract, that goes for everybody.

    • I guess... most of the women I met had no intention of moving. So that can't be for all of them. I never told anyone I would bring them here. I was living in the Philippines at the time. I hear that for russia this is the issue. But, I know there are people all over, good and bad.

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    • I'll say also, two of my brothers have very high paying jobs, and as soon as girls at home know what they do, the girls here will treat them exactly the same as all the girls abroad treat them. If a woman wants certain things, she'll get it. Some even say all you need to do is smile, cook a meal and flutter your eyelashes and you'll have him.
      For girls here, he needs to have a certain job, for girls there, he needs to be western. It's superficial love, it's not real.

    • Just in general, anywhere you go, it happens basically everywhere. Go somewhere else other than Philippines and you'll get the same treatment.


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  • because they aren't looking for a golddigger?

    • I don't know, Coco... I have met women this way when travelling and most are pretty sincere. Their big issue is either the men in their country only want a woman who is a virgin, won't work, and is uneducated... or the men are really bad to women there.

  • The 2nd and 3rd girl definitely used the same beauty editing app.

    • they dont look edited to me. I have met one of these women so I know she is not edited. The first one.

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  • maybe they believe those gals don't speak English well?

    • hmmm... I guess if people dont travel, they dont know that nearly all people speak some level of English . These women are Filipinas. They all speak great English .

    • not all of 'em though, but since u've used those sites, u'll know better i guess

    • No, not all. In China you find a lot that dont, but there are plenty that do. Unlike here, they learn languages in school.

  • Because talking generally requires some understanding of the same language.

    • nope. they speak English . I have been using these sites for years...

    • Proficient English? That's impressive! SIGN ME UP!