In love with the best friend... struggling to decide how to act?

As the title suggests its that time honoured tradition of falling for the person you know the best. We have been friends for over a decade, and well she is the best friend I could ever hope for. She has a boyfriend though, but the rare instances she talks about him it seems as though she's so unhappy with him, next to no sexual contact in the last year etc. And as the title might suggest I want to come clean, I know besides maybe some awkwardness we would still remain friends despite this. But everyday I get good morning messages, and she always wants to Skype / talk on the phone. And I know you're all thinking he is the friendzone guy. But I got asked if I could ever date a girl like her? And she is astonished I'm single and like's everything I have on social media. She also confessed to having a dream where we made out in an airport but felt guilty for enjoying the dream. All this led me to believe that maybe there may be some interest there. And im finding it increasingly more difficult not to say to her... yeah I would date someone like you, if you were single. But maybe not so corny. Nothing would make me happier than to be with her. But even with it in mind that its not in the cards, I just feel like if I don't say anything it will make me so unhappier that I have to hide this from her, when we have a 100% honesty policy. At least she'd understand my actions, she'd give me space if I felt I needed it, without wondering why I'm backing off if I needed to. And hell maybe when she's at a low point and I compliment her, maybe she'd actually understand her true self worth. I dunno. I guess secretly I'm hoping people say yes I should open dialogue but in reality I'm expecting a lot of No's. Thanks for reading though :)


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  • You should forget about her. Especially now that he has a boyfriend.


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  • if i was u i'd not risk it at all and i'd rather just remain friends... dream was just a dream, and she might've said she enjyed da dream just in order 2 b nice... do u x-ept she'd say sth like "i didn't enjoy it"? she'd sound rude