Guys, which girl should I date?

I like these two girls, but the thing is I can't decide which one. All of us are going to be sophmores in high school next year. They are completely different in personalitys. One girl, Jesse, has been my friend for a few months now and just got dumped pretty hard by her boyfriend. She's average height, blonde with gigantic boobs. She has told me some details about her sex life (i. e. she has given guys bjs, let guys finger and eat her out, etc). She is also really nice and smart, but she is a bit of a slut considering before she dated her last boyfriend she sent my friend a picture of her fingering herself. The other girl, Tania, who I don't know as well, is gorgeous, multi-talented, and nice. She is hispanic, kind of short, and has little tits. I don't know a lot about her but I know that she really wants a boyfriend right now. Also she is friends with a lot of mine while Jesse is only friends with one of my friends.


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  • Go with Tania. Jesse seems cool but kinda risky.


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  • If i were in your shoes, i would avoid Jesse like the plague. I'd go with Tania.

  • At you age: take the one with te gigantic boobs.